Vistamar and its wine proposal for the end of the year

There are only a few weeks left until 2022 ends and what better way to end the year with fresh, fruity and delicate wines that respect the cycles of nature like the Viña Vistamar portfolio.

Viña Vistamar is characterized for being a winery that contemplates and respects the rhythm of nature. Its philosophy is based on the fact that we are all part of it and that the key to a balanced life is time. This is how, since its beginning, it has been especially concerned with selecting its fields, those that must have the particularity of being able to give that time to the vines.

Each of Vistamar’s wine lines has slow maturation as its fundamental axis, which, together with terroirs with a cold climate, gives life to wines with marked fruit notes, intense aromas and a very characteristic acidity.

For these holidays, our first recommendation is the Vistamar Brut Sparkling Wine, from the Limarí Valley. This sparkling wine is made using the Charmat method and is characterized by being very fresh and delicate, with aromas that evoke intense and persistent fruity notes with a creamy touch like butter. On the palate, it has a good body, balanced acidity, with fine bubbles of great smoothness. It is ideal for appetizers and pairs perfectly with fish, shellfish, cheese, white meat and/or pasta dishes.

Sparkling Vistamar Brut, benefits from its place of origin, thanks to the particular climate of the Limarí Valley, which does not rain in spring and summer, which allows clear skies, high UV radiation and cool winds that give the grapes a special character. In addition, this terroir provides unique mineral characteristics, thanks to its soil, such as a fine acidity and very particular aromas, making it an excellent option to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

For its part, Vistamar Late Harvest is also one of the star wines to close the year. It is a wine that is produced under very specific conditions that allow the slow development of noble rot. An unusual phenomenon in the Casablanca Valley consisting of morning mists followed by cool, dry afternoons during the grape’s ripening period, allowing for the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity.

Produced from 100% Sauvignon Blanc, this wine is bright golden yellow in color, with aromas of honey, raisins, quince, melon, jasmine and orange blossoms. On the palate it is dense, persistent, with aromas of fruit preserves. It pairs incredibly with terrines, liver pâté, blue cheese and fruit desserts. It’s perfect as a downer.

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Vistamar and its wine proposal for the end of the year