Fresh wines that respect the slow ripening cycles of the grapes and delivers a portfolio of wines with great balance and verticality.

Since 1996 Viña Vistamar has been a project focused on providing wines with marked freshness. At that time, the winery’s portfolio was strongly focused on the Casablanca Valley, thanks to the tremendous potential that had been discovered years before.


Shortly after, “La Moralina” vineyard was added, in the Cachapoal Valley. A field of great quality for the red varieties that allowed us to continue with the proposal of freshness of the vineyard, this time, adding a mountain origin to the brand, allowing its growth and diversification. To these origins, fields in the Maipo and Maule valleys are also added, completing a solid portfolio that shares freshness and balance as the central axis.

Throughout its history, Viña Vistamar has maintained its philosophy of searching for fresh wines, always respecting the times and cycles of nature, studying the cycles of the vines, specializing in slow-maturing wines. And not only that, but it has studied for years the terroirs where it produces its wines, favoring cold climate terroirs that deliver wines with greater balance and verticality.


In the Casablanca Valley, cooled by sea breezes, the grapes are in no hurry to be harvested and deliver wines with intense and elegant aromas. At the foot of the mountain range, in the Maipo-Andes and Cachapoal-Andes Valleys, the vines enjoy the imposing view of the mountain, they enjoy the cold winds born at its peak and do not anticipate their harvest, providing wines providing very fruit trees and with aging potential.

In the Maule Valley, prioritizing vineyards influenced by the coast and the Andes, the vines deliver highly concentrated grapes with a characteristic freshness. From both valleys, we obtain powerful, refreshing and complex wines.

Thus, the broad portfolio of Vistamar wines is present in more than 42 countries and has more than 500 awards with 90+ scores in important national and international specialized media, giving life to a winery with a clear and consistent philosophy.