Vistamar’s wines origininate in cold climate vineyards that spread out from the sea to the mountains and from one end of Chile to the other. This type of climate allows a slow and proper ripening of the grapes, giving life to wines that show a great expression of aromas and flavors, and the good structure and freshness that are only attainable in cold climate sectors.

Vistamar is an invitation to enjoy life slowly, respecting the passage of time. It’s having fun at every moment around what you most like, with whoever you want: in the city, on the beach or at the feet of a mountain. The essence is to experience the process, to take the time. As much as necessary, without rushing. Allow ourselves a break by drinking a wine that has slowly produced complex aromas and distinctive flavors.

The influence of the
Humboldt current on Vistamar’s wines

The currents that come from the Antarctica have a decisive influence on the climate of the Chilean coast. The latter is characterized by dense coastal fogs called camanchacas or garúas that cover the sky. The absence of rain and the colder than usual temperatures for this latitude, allow these fogs to penetrate inland of the valleys, and the fresh breezes to blow from the sea to the continent during the afternoons. These conditions, typical of the Chilean Coastal Range, added to the great thermal amplitude between day and night during the summer, are ideal for our cold climate varieties to reach their best ripeness in a slow and even condition. .

The Valleys