We have studied our vineyards for years. Contemplating their cycles, we noticed that nature is wise, that we are part of it and that the key to a BALANCED LIFE IS TIME. The vineyards taught us that time is not scarce but abundant, and that to find balance we must respect it. Respecting time means respecting ourselves, it means to live at our own pace, marching to the rhythm of nature.

It was by observing the rhythm of the vines that Morandé Wine Group founder discovered the Casablanca Valley and its merits, creating Viña Vistamar in 1997.

After years of being amazed by the slow ripening cycles of the grapes, rewarded with fruity notes, intense aromas and characteristic acidity, our winemaker decided to go even further and explore new cold-climate terroirs, terroirs of joyful grapes, creating a collection of wines that invite us to take a break and respect our inner nature. A collection of wines that today, under the leadership of Cristian Carrasco, continues to encourage a slow life.

The influence of the
Humboldt current on Vistamar’s wines

The currents that come from the Antarctica have a decisive influence on the climate of the Chilean coast. The latter is characterized by dense coastal fogs called camanchacas or garúas that cover the sky. The absence of rain and the colder than usual temperatures for this latitude, allow these fogs to penetrate inland of the valleys, and the fresh breezes to blow from the sea to the continent during the afternoons. These conditions, typical of the Chilean Coastal Range, added to the great thermal amplitude between day and night during the summer, are ideal for our cold climate varieties to reach their best ripeness in a slow and even condition. .

The Valleys