Cristián stands out for his extraordinary oenological sensitivity, giving Viña Vistamar wines an elegant and balanced character. And it is that understanding the vineyards and working them patiently has been key to achieving balanced and expressive wines.

The Agricultural Engineer from the University of Chile, Cristián Carrasco, is the oenologist in charge of Vistamar, a winery that, since its inception, has focused on providing wines of fresh and coastal origin, but always respecting the times of nature, studying the cycles of the vines, thus specializing in slow-maturing wines.

Carrasco, who arrived at Morandé Wine Group in 2011, after an intense and successful career in various wine regions of Chile and the world, worked those first years as a pre-bottling winemaker and was later promoted to Viña Morandé’s second winemaker, working directly with Ricardo Baettig in the production of all the wines.

This experience allowed him to gain much knowledge of the field and share the development of the wines that Pablo Morandé, the vineyard’s founding winemaker, oversaw, especially sparkling wines, a category in which Morandé stands out with a portfolio of great quality and complexity.

At the beginning of 2016, while still in Morandé, he began little by little to work with Vistamar wines together with the winemaker Irene Paiva. Thanks to his excellent job performance and oenological vision, that same year, he became responsible for all the vineyard wines.

In September 2019, he officially took over as Vistamar’s chief winemaker, continuing to develop and strengthen the brand and imprinting his unique seal on all the winery’s wines. “We have been studying our vineyards for years. Contemplating its cycles, we perceive that nature is wise, that we are part of it and that the key to a balanced life is time”, explains Carrasco. A philosophy that undoubtedly transfers to its wines.

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