With a philosophy that respects the times and cycles of nature, Viña Vistamar presents a portfolio of reds and whites that are unique in their style and that stand out for their balance and great concentration.

Vistamar is a winery that contemplates the cycles and rhythm of nature and its philosophy is based on the fact that we are all part of it and that the key to a balanced life is time. This is how, since its inception, Vistamar has been especially concerned with selecting its fields, those that must have the particularity of being able to give that time and abundance to the vines.

After a meticulous exploration and study of the vineyards, it was possible to determine the exceptional quality of the slow-ripening grapes that grew in the terroirs located on the Pacific coast in the Casablanca valley, at the foot of the Andes Mountain, in the Maipo Valley and in southern Chile, in the Maule Valley.

These terroirs, where the grapes have time to mature quietly, are what have given Viña Vistamar a portfolio of balanced reds and whites, with structure and verticality, that are unique in their style. Creating a collection, in the hands of winemaker Cristian Carrasco, who invites us to take a break and respect our inner nature.

Selection of terroirs and cold climate sectors

Vistamar is a winery that has studied the terroirs where it produces its wines for years. And its motto has always been to look for sectors with microclimates and soil conditions that allow and respect the ripening of the fruit. For this reason, it has specialized in terroirs with cold climates, areas that produce wines with greater balance and verticality.

Slow ripening

Undoubtedly, slow-ripening wines are Vistamar’s specialty, a winery that has confirmed the exceptional quality of the grapes that ripen slowly in its low-temperature terroirs. For the vineyard, this time is rewarded with fruity notes, intense aromas and acidity that are very characteristic of their wines.

Quality and elegance

Viña Vistamar wines are characterized by being modern, with vertical structures and great concentration. In addition, the winery is present in more than 42 countries and has received more than 500 recognitions with scores of 90+ in important national and international specialized media.

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