Biography Daniela Salinas

Daniela Salinas

Today, Viña Vistamar undergoes a transformation. Firstly, under the expertise of its winemaker. Starting today, winemaker Daniela Salinas takes the helm of Vistamar, bringing her experience, passion, and style to the wines.

Agricultural engineer from the University of Chile, Daniela boasts extensive experience in the world of wine. After working for several years at renowned Chilean wineries, Daniela joined Morandé Wine Group in February 2012 as an assistant winemaker at Mancura. Later on, she took charge of the harvests at Zorzal Wines in Gualtallary, Argentina, working closely with the distinguished Michelini brothers: Matías, Juan Pablo, and Gerardo.

Daniela’s experience and talent quickly set her apart as one of the leading women in the industry, and the challenge of becoming the head winemaker at House Casa del Vino—a restaurant located in the heart of the Casablanca Valley and owned by Viña Morandé—came her way. In this setting, the first contemporary Adventure Line wines started to take shape, a project initially led by the renowned winemaker Pablo Morandé in the ’80s.

The House Casa del Vino was the perfect place to revive the project with Viña Morandé’s winemaking team. In this significant project, known for its unique freedom, Daniela is responsible for Tirazis, a Casablanca Syrah known for its excellent balance between acidity and tannins, and Despechado, a Casablanca Pinot Noir.

In parallel, Daniela has worked on an independent project with other winemakers called Vino de los Siete, where she has launched an attractive sparkling wine called Carapálida.

For several years now, Daniela has been in charge of the Pre-Bottling area at Morandé Wine Group, ensuring the efficiency and quality of this crucial process at our Pelequén winery.

However, her most significant challenge arrived in 2023 when she joined Vistamar, where she is responsible for crafting this line and infusing it with her distinct style. Thus, Vistamar seeks to showcase wines that reflect their fresh origins and convey the unique characteristics of their various valleys, delivering expressive, fresh, and vertical wines.

In addition to her involvement in the world of wine, Daniela enjoys nature, cycling, practicing yoga and dance, as well as traveling and savoring a good wine in each destination.

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Biography Daniela Salinas