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Casa Blanca Valley
It originates from the El Ensueño property in the cold sector of Lo Ovalle, in Casablanca. The grapes belong to a specific vineyard, planted in 1997 with a Davies clone, which results in well balanced plants that have small bunches and grape berries that deliver grapes with more expressive colors, aromas and flavors, due to the limited production. The vineyard is planted on vertical espaliers, with a frame of 2.5 x 1.0 meters, equivalent to 5,500 plants/ha. The soil is granitic clay, with very low fertility. It is watered using trickle irrigation.  

Harvesting is manual, in boxes of ten kilos. Once in the bodega, the grape is cooled for 48 hours at 5°C before the grape berries are selected. The crushing, and the subsequent “remontage”, are carried out without the intervention of pumps, with the intention of giving the grape the most delicate treatment possible. Before primary fermentation, cold maceration is undertaken for approximately five days at 5°C, thus extracting the fresh fruityaromas. Fermentation is carried out at a low temperature (23-25 °C). Total maceration exceeds 30 days, after which the wine is removed from the vats and placed in 300 and 600 liter casks of French oak, and also in 2000-liter barrels for 14 months, at which time the malolactic or secondary fermentation also takes place.


Pinot noir


Casa Blanca Valley



 ruby red, intense, deep and brilliant.


 notes of raspberry, fresh cherries and flowers that bring a rose to mind. The wood is felt with spicy tones that are in good harmony with the fruits.


 Intense, very fruity, floral and slightly spicy. Good body, elegant, complex and persistent.






Total acidity

3.96 g/L.

Residual Sugar

3.04 g/L.

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