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Brisa / Cabernet Sauvignon


Central Valley
The grapes come from different growers in Chile’s Central Valley, where there is a predominance of alluvial soils in most areas

A wide range of strategies is used in managing the canopy, all aimed at maximizing the amount of sunshine reaching the area where the fruit is ripening. The preferred technique consists in training the shoots vertically, which improves their exposure to the sun’s rays and enhances the development of flavour in the fruit. Irrigation is applied in a measured fashion, in order to maintain the balanced growth of the vine and achieve a constant rhythm of ripening. The grapes are harvested by hand to ensure that they reach the winery in top condition. They are separated from the stalks and then crushed, leaving a considerable percentage of the grapes whole. Then the must is put on one side to ferment, having been inoculated with selected yeasts to produce alcoholic fermentation. This process is accompanied by pump-overs to extract the colour and flavours found in the grape-skins, and takes 7 days. The temperature is controlled at between 26º and 28ºC in order to obtain maximum aromas and varietal character. Once alcoholic fermentation is complete, malolactic fermentation takes place naturally. The wine is stored in tanks, while awaiting its bottling date.


Cabernet Sauvignon


Central Valley



This wine boasts a bright ruby-red colour


With pronounced blackberry aromas on the nose mingling with touches of leather and chocolate


In the mouth the wine is soft and fruity, perfectly balanced with fine, smooth tannins






Total Acidity

3.58 g/L.

Residual Sugar

6.49 g/L.

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